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I believe in businesses as units of social structure, each an experiment in the way a society can and should function. They enable and empower economic mobility, strive for unity of purpose, and embrace pluralism. These are the businesses at which work works for workers.

I consult with a growing class of leaders of mission-oriented organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit, who share this vision, and see in their companies an opportunity to build such a social structure. My own professional purpose is to expand, through everything I build, write, and speak, the number and profile of people who work with and for leaders who share this vision.

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Speaking samples

I’ve had the privilege of connecting with employee resources groups, such as the Latinx communities at Oracle and Blue Cross Blue Shield, among others.

This video is a snippet from an event, at which I made my final address as the Executive Director of Resilient Coders, to our community of supporters.

Check out my speaker reel, if you want to see a collection of short snippets from various talks.

David Delmar Senties speaking at Harvard Bookstore


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