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I’m an activist, author, and award-winning social entrepreneur, in pursuit of economic justice in tech. I believe in worker-led equitable employment practice. And in the prerogative of organized workers to drive corporate accountability. No more pledges.


I'm the Founder and former Executive Director of Resilient Coders, a highly competitive, free, and stipended nonprofit coding bootcamp that trains people of color for high growth careers as software engineers, and connects them with jobs as such.

Resilient Coders

I'm the author of What We Build With Power: The fight for economic justice in tech. It's a historically conscious manifesto calling for worker organizing, led by Black and Latinx technologists.

The Book

I'm a founding member of a coalition of mostly Black and Latinx tech workers, building a campaign for equitable employment in tech, modeled on worker-driven social responsibility.

The Campaign

I do consulting work, and speak, on matters relating to inclusive economic development, on-the-job training for equitable employment, and what it looks like to make work work for workers. My mission in this work is to expand the number and profile of people who work at companies that recognize a new, more equitable way to do business.

Contact me at david@delmarsenties.com.